We produce and supply Electroplating lines, Heat treatment lines, Pre-cleaning Lines, Wire phosphating lines, Product phosphating lines and can provide complete turnkey project solutions for your surface treatment equipment needs

We are one of the biggest professional Heat Treatment furnace Manufacturers especially for a mesh belt type continuously Carburizing(Hardening) Quenching Furnace in the global market. Our furnaces are used in the industries of fasteners, hard-tools, bicycle parts, chains, forgings parts, Automobile parts, motorcycle parts, etc.,

Barrel Plating

We design and supply all types of barrel plating lines. The entire process can be performed in one vessel (barrel), including cleaning, rinsing, pickling and sealing, which results in less handling and overall greater efficiency.

A wide variety of parts can be processed using the same equipment. As a general thumb rule, if a part can fit into the barrel, it is likely capable of being barrel plated.The cascading tumbling action resulting from the barrel rotation, combined with the bipolar contact between the parts usually results in a more uniform finish than other processes.

De Embrittlement Line

Exposure to hydrogen causes various metals, most importantly steel, to become brittle and crack. This can cause a decrease in the metal’s tensile strength. Typically for high strength metal parts, the Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief Oven removes the Hydrogen infused during the cleaning and plating process.
The Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief Oven is available in either a Batch Oven or Continuous Conveyor configuration. In the continuous process, batched parts travel through the heating chamber in individual bucket carriers so that different type parts remain separated. Pneumatic vibration is incorporated at the off load station to ensure all parts are discharged from the bucket.

Geomet Line

Geomet coating is used for coating fasteners like bolts, nails, screws, clamps etc., It generally has a coating thickness of 10-20 microns and resistance to salt spray test in the range of 1200-2000 hours. The components also develop a high coefficient of friction.
Geomet Coating process flow is shown here Degreasing > Shot Blasting > Geomet Coating > Curing Oven > Cooling

Heat Treatment Plant

We manufacture heat treatment furnace that's capable of doing most of the heat treatment processes (annealing, quenching, tempering, etc). Our furnaces are known for their heating uniformity, cost-effectiveness, and low maintenance . Heat treatment furnaces are available in a wide variety of configurations and temperature ranges, which are customizable. Our furnaces are simple, rugged and conventional in design and moreover are very resourceful and trouble-free.

Phosphating Line

Our service include all types of Phosphatng lines like Acid zinc, Magnese crystals etc., applicable for various steel products manufacturing industries. The running/control program can be modified in any time based on the requirement of phosphating process. We can setup different programs combine with HMI or PC supervisory control(SCADA).

Rack Plating

One of the different methods of plating metal parts is Rack plating. When you have a project that involves electroplating delicate metal parts, your best option is rack plating.We are ready with a wide varriety of rack planting in our range to serve your varying intense and purposes.