We supply all kinds of plating spares . Our range of spares include everything you need for the plating line. For further details contact us.

Centrifugal Drier

Centrifugal drier is a type of industrial driyer used for quickly drying fasteners clamps and other steel materials. It can be operated the dryer easily and perform drying as whenever required. The elements of the dryer can be easily replaced and the part of repair and maintenance is easy too.


With a wide variety of industral chillers in our range to serve the varying intense and purposes, we have the cooling system to benefit your production. We have supplied both Water & Air cooled chillers.

Dosing Pump

Chemcial dosing pump is used to pump the chemical fluids across the required medium. Dosing referes to feeding chemicals in a particular time interval.

Fume Exhaust System

Our fume exhaust system is desinged to provide clean and safe environment where people are shielded from the harmful fumes, which comes out from plating machinerys, phosphating machinerys. Our design is easy to maintain and can deliver high performance consistantly.

Oil Skimmer

This machine removes waste floating oil from chemicals and we have different type of oil skimmers used in different applcations.

Plating Filter

Single and Double stage filter are simple re-circulation filtration units. These filters are designed for use in solid removal and filtering process solutions. Plate type filters can be used in a wide range of flow capacities & contaminant holding capacities. The plate type filter can accommodate the different available diameter of plates.

pH Meter

We offer sales and service of water quality analysing instruments like pH meters and its probe/sensors.


We can setup different programs using high accuracy PLC's for the plating machinerys. The line running program of Auto Plating machinery can be modified in any time based on the requirement of plating process.


We offer and service different type of Rectfiers for Electro plating, Electrophoretic coating, Electrolysis, Aluminum alloy oxidize, rare earth smelting and various applcations. Types we have include SCR, IGBT etc., we supply to major fastener companies in India including (SUNDARAM FASTENERS).


Our scruberrs are corrosion ressitant polluton control devices designed for the removal or industral fumes and particularly acid fumes chemical fumes.


We manufacture tanks for different applications like Degreasing, Plating, Zinc generaton, Passivation, Phosphating etc., using PP, PVC, MS and SS materials.

Tds Meter

We offer sales and service of water quality analysing instruments like TDS meters and its probe/sensors.

Weighing Loader

We supply Auto weighing loading system with high accuracy for any kind of products and to Surface treatment equipments.